Collective Reading-Jupiter Retrograde April 2019


Retrogrades can bring chaos into our daily lives but they’re really there to help us regain vision with clarity and foresight. Jupiter retrograde is no exception. Since Jupiter brings us abundance we will feel the influence of the loss of this energy both at work and in relationships. We’ll be with this retrograde all the way from April 10th to August 11th, so let’s take a look at where we’re at as we head into this time of resettling and regaining purpose in our lives. Think of it as a time to plan for and foster future abundance!



Three of Pentacles reminds us to take the time to listen. Whether we’re working on a group project at school, a joint collaboration at work, or on our relationships, it’s definitely time to take a breath, really listen to what others are saying with a clear head and as little personal bias as possible (it’s hard, I know. We all do it…) Also be sure to listen to your inner voice and to express yourself to others with clarity. You too deserve to be heard, even over the bustle of your own life.

10 of Cups reversed. There are no bad cards in the tarot, and this card is one of supreme emotional abundance; that it’s in reverse is actually less troublesome than if it were not there at all! The ten of Cups is reminding us that we have emotional fulfillment already within, so there is no need to look outside of ourselves to people or circumstances for peace, joy, or comfort of the heart. Ask Spirit and she will give to you abundantly (retrograde or not) the love and fullness that you need.

Queen of Pentacles reminds us of steady earth-motion. She is no ordinary woman but a master of her earth-bound abode. As she looks intently at her coin she reminds us to precede into this retrograde with planning and forethought. Don’t overspend, be aware that finances could possibly be down during this time. Keep an eye on the accounts, so to speak. But she also reminds us of our domestic responsibilities. Even if you’re a student, a manly man, or a single person you still have a home, a car, a cat… Take care of what is in your sphere and respect the abundance that is already in your life, whether it be a mansion or a pet hamster!

I also pulled some Vintage Wisdom Oracle cards to go with the tarot:


As is usually the case, they reinforce and confirm what we find in the other cards. Move forward with this retrograde without fear, be grateful and have joy for all the wonderful things you already have (and for who you are). This is a time for gaining momentum that will transmute your energy into abundance after this retrograde which has been written in the stars by the hand of the Divine himself.

Peace, love, and namaste,


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