They’re So Worried

They’re so worried, the corporate church, the logicians, the scientific minds who believe only in what’s been tested and approved of.

And we know why.

Wicca, witchcraft, mysticism, and paganism are on the rise, and the Emperor energy (archetype) thinks we have gone insane.


He pops his pills to get happy, fuels himself with caffeine for yet another day in a cubicle (noticeably falling apart at the seams). We watch, shrugging because he won’t listen to a thing we say.

We’re the ones who have become unhinged, he tells us…

The reality of it all is that we as a culture have become so disconnected from the cycles of nature that it’s destroying our minds and our bodies. More than that, it’s killing our relationships too. As humans we’re no longer interdependent. I don’t walk downtown, buy from the baker whom I know, the butcher who’s my cousin, the pharmacist who’s engaged to my neighbor… No. I go out and shuffle with the herd in a sea of faces. At the customer service counter someone is yelling at the employee who’s just following the protocol his boss gave him.

Everyone thinks they’re right.

Everyone thinks they’re better.

(But not really, no, because it’s their disconnect that makes them so miserable.)

That’s why Witchcraft, Paganism, and Mysticism are becoming increasingly popular choices. We’re tired. Tired of feeling sick and out of tune with the reality that we are—believe it or not—eternal, spiritual beings meant for more than vanilla lattes with chocolate sprinkles.

We see. We listen. We have eyes to see and ears to hear. We watch the moon in her phases, the sun as he changes his track across the sky. We note the tides and feel Mother Earth gearing for spring, or falling asleep for winter. Not because we’re unhinged, but because we know. We know that there is more to life than Net Flicks and pizza. We can feel it, and we’re happier and healthier for it too.

For many of us, our families watch with guarded eyes, as do our neighbors and religious leaders. They’re so sick and unhappy themselves, but they don’t have the eyes to see what’s wrong. They’re in so deep they’re not even looking for a cure. Well, they are, that’s why they pop antidepressants and whine for a better day. But all the complaining just keeps them stuck, the pills became addictive, the caffeine gives them insomnia, and then they get some more pills to ‘’cure’’ it.

Meanwhile, we feel for spring coming, and pray that those we love find their better way. It doesn’t have to be our way. We’re not interested in taking away their free will after all, just a way that brings them back into alignment with their authentic selves.

Protective Herbs: How to Make Four Thieves Vinegar


A long, long time ago, in a world so different than our own, four, now immortalized thieves managed to survive the great plague with an elixir now referred to as Four Thieves Vinegar. As the tale goes, they lived in the city of Marseilles in the seventeenth century, and while the plague ravaged, they looted. When they were finally caught, they were found with some potent herbed vinegar which is believed to have saved their lives.

There’s no way to know if this is just a story or if these four men really existed, but I can tell you that the herbs in this blend will kill anything. (Ok, that didn’t sound right, so let me rephrase.) This blend of protective herbs is a powerful germ killer and immune booster. You can add it to your food, make salad dressing out of it, or even use it to clean your countertops with.

There are several different recipes for the fabled tonic. This is the one that I make.


You’ll need:

Glass Jars




Hot peppers (Any kind, as long as they’re hot.)

Apple Cider Vinegar (With the ‘Mother’.)

Honestly, I don’t measure anything when I make this. I just make sure I have enough herbs to fill the jars about 2/3 of the way.

It’s better to use fresh herbs but if you don’t have any available, dried ones will work too. Bruise the herbs by breaking them up a bit. Jit rip them apart and put them in your jar (or jars). Crush your garlic to release the natural oils.

Be careful to wear gloves while you cut your peppers, especially if you’re sensitive to them. Don’t touch your eyes or face, or you will seriously regret it. (I know, I’ve done it.) Be sure to toss the seeds into your jars along with the rest of the pepper.

Pour the ACV over your herbs and make sure you completely cover them. Leave a little empty space at the top of the jar.


Some people like to set their vinegar out. I recommend putting it in the refrigerator just to be extra safe. After two weeks it’s done steeping. Drain the vinegar out from the herbs and use it on your food and around the house for cleaning. It doesn’t need to be refrigerated by this point, but you certainly can put it back in the fridge if you’d like. The left over herbs can be used in your favorite recipes.