Soul Mates, Twin Flames, and Judaism



There’s a lot of talk about Twin Flames out there in cyberspace, and how they differ from Soul Mates; the Karmic Soul Partner. According to Jewish tradition there’s no specific distinction between Twin Flame and Soul Mate/Karmic Partner. They believe that every relationship (specifically a marriage relationship) is bashert, a Yiddish word for ‘fated’. They don’t believe that every marriage you will be in will be with your true soul mate, so yes, there is some wiggle room for what could be called a Karmic Mate in their tradition but it’s not as distinct.

According to Jewish belief, every soul, when created by God, is then split into two halves, like Adam and Eve in the book of Genesis. According to this, everyone has a Soul Mate/Twin Flame, however that doesn’t necessarily mean the person you are with is them. It may be bashert, but not your true other half. I’m not sure this is any less complicated than the New Age version of this concept, but there it is…

Does all that Soul Mate, Twin Flame, Bashert business mean you should dump the chump you’re with because you’re not completely head-over-heels happy, and go looking for your TF?

Yes, absolutely. You totally deserve the perfect match for you in every way. Someone who will never fight with you (i.e. challenge you to grow), never tell you you’re wrong, and give you such fantastic sex that you’ll never leave the bedroom; run out of money, and starve to death with your creditors lined up down the block. Especially if you are married to them—no, not your creditors—I mean, really, everyone is getting divorced these days so you might as well do it too. It’s practically a rite of passage, so just do it already. Oh, afraid you might hurt your spouse, who is essential a good, altruistic person. Meh, it’s good for them. You’re just opening a door to heaven so God can teach them all about being used and how love is for losers anyway.

Sadly, I could go on like this forever but no one would find it amusing except for me, and probably my dad who is just sick enough to find that kind of thing funny. This attitude however is essentially why even though I consider myself a mystic (and yes, my moon is in Aquarius) I could never be full on New Age. Seriously, some of the stuff they come up with…

But I digress.

It’s one thing if your current partner is abusive, has cheated on you, or the marriage is already failing with absolutely no hope of reconciliation. But, really, if you’re about to drop a good man or woman simply because you think there is someone better for you then I’m sorry, but I find that pretty selfish. According to Jewish tradition every marriage is bashert. Meant to be. How can you be absolutely sure the person you’re with isn’t your Soul Mate? There’s no saying, either in Judaism or any other religion for that matter, that relationships will be easy.

Often times it’s the trees that grow the most slowly that produce the best fruit.


Judaism allows for reincarnation too. They believe the Devine Feminine doesn’t need to incarnate as many times as the male (interesting concept, coming from the belief that women are uniquely aware of God in ways that men aren’t.) If you’re a man reading this, sorry to break this to you, but your other half might be with God right now, waiting for you to not fluff it up for a change. LOL.

I suppose this does leave some room for the idea that your soul mate could be one of your Ministering Spirits, as the Christian New Testament calls them. Some call them Spirit Guides. Catholics would call them Saints. If that’s the case then, again, most likely you’re male. The Jewish tradition also believes that the Devine Masculine is always incarnated into a male body and the Feminine into a female.

Females can choose to reincarnate, in love for her soul mate, because she wishes to accompany him. Does that mean it’s easier for a female to find her Soul Mate? Well, not necessarily. According to tradition, if he really screws things up, God will send her to a man without a soul mate currently incarnated, for her own protection. Something to keep in mind if you’re a woman out there having a hard time finding her Twin Flame. It could be he’s just not ready for you yet. Either that or he’s a real arse, and you might be better off loving the one you’re with anyway.

One thing I really like about the Jewish take on this (or at least the modern interpretation) is that it views women from a positive light. Certain other religions could learn a few things here (Fundamental Christianity included). I’m sickened by how quick they are to blame everything they perceive to be evil on women. Have you ever read the writings of the early church fathers for example? I mean, really? Sexually oppressed much, are you people?!

But I digress… Again.

This is just one of several interpretations on Twin Flames, but I do find it all really fascinating how the Jewish tradition has this worked out in their minds. They account for marriages with decent people that really shouldn’t be dissolved because you thought you shared a sudden psychic bond with someone from across a room, and women are seen as a uniquely valuable and necessary counterpart to the Devine Masculine, not natural-born Jezebels in wait to consume men whole. (Well, ok, there are some women like that out there, but let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water.)